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Experience the power of transformative business management and professional or personal coaching designed exclusively for leaders and busy professionals. With my extensive background in global service delivery and entrepreneurship spanning over 20 years, along with my certifications in stress management and life coaching, I am dedicated to helping you achieve stress-free success. My expertise lies in crafting customized corporate events and leadership retreats that prioritize self-care, ensuring impactful experiences for each and every client. Let me guide you towards a path of stress-free fulfillment.

Work with me

Unleash your full potential with my strategic business management and coaching services, designed for both dynamic businesses and ambitious professionals. With a foundation in global project management, and as a Certified Stress Management Practitioner and Life Coach, I excel in orchestrating corporate events and leadership retreats that transform stress into strategic success, ensuring every experience is a step towards unparalleled achievement.

Private Consulting based Coaching for you & your business

B.O.S.S (Business Owner Success Strategies)

Coaching and Consulting: Harness serenity from the chaos: elevate your existence with masterfully tailored mindfulness and self-improvement techniques—your oasis amidst the professional hustle.

Workshops and Retreats

Don't let the pressures of the daily grind stifle your team's potential. It's time to invest in their well-being and watch as they soar to new heights with enhanced vigor and clarity. We facilitate professional retreats for your team.

-Work Life Balance

-Stress Management

-Excellence in Customer Service

Let's build a team Zen Garden!!

Stress-Free Corporate Event Management

Remove the stress from your team while you focus on the business on hand, let us focus on your event. From intimate board meetings to grand scale conferences, our seasoned team approaches each event with a fresh perspective, customizing every detail to fit your unique vision. We seamlessly integrate innovative trends with timeless elegance, delivering not just an event but an impactful experience that impresses every attendee.

Personal Self-Care Retreats and Excursions

Indulge in a journey where each moment is curated for utmost peace and wellbeing. Whether it's a quick getaway to recharge over the weekend or an extended group retreat for collective unwinding, we're here to turn your dreams into reality.

Or allow us to curate a perfect local experience in Southern Maryland. (Facial, Massage, Foot Detox, Weight Management)

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View the latest posts about marketing strategy and mindset to propell your business forward.

Abundance and Growth Starts with the mind!

Craving stress-free growth and abundant living? Download our free worksheet and discover practical strategies to manage stress, unlock your potential, and cultivate a fulfilling life. Take the first step towards your well-being today!

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Taking a stress test can help you understand your stress levels and how they're affecting you. This awareness is crucial for developing personalized strategies to manage stress effectively and improve your overall well-being. Effective stress management can improve your physical and mental health, relationships, and productivity.

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You want something deeper, wiser, more aligned, and truly sustainable to support you as you spread your wings + soar to greater heights in your

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"I just wanted to let you know more about how working with you has really changed my perspective."

Dr. Monica, Coaching Client

"Lori's is very hospitable and professional. She meets us with a warm smile as she couches us through our self care journey. My husband and I love our spa days and relish the opportunity to take care of ourselves and spoil each other every month."

J. Carter (Self-Care Experience Client)

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